BONUS: Your Ten Minute Crash Course to Posting on Instagram with Dr. Lauryn Brunclik: Episode 215

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Lauryn Brunclik

Meet our Guest: Dr. Lauryn Brunclik

Dr. Lauryn Brunclik founded Blue Hills Chiropractic in 2010.  In clinic you’ll find her hogging every baby that comes in and visiting with patients. She’s a traveler, runner, and national speaker. Lauryn has two daughters, a podcast and a million plants.


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DR. DANIELLE: Okay. Hello everyone, hi, and welcome. I’m bringing Dr. Lauryn Brunclik back to the show. We’re going to talk about social media and how to not be so freaking overwhelmed by it. So, Lauryn, hi, you want to introduce yourself for people that don’t know you yet?


DR. LAURYN: Sure. My name is Lauryn Brunclik. I’m a chiropractor going on my eleventh year in practice in rural Wisconsin. And I am host of She Slays the Day podcast, which is a fun podcast for female chiropractors and all this stuff.

DR. DANIELLE: We talked about She Slays in a previous episode, but I’ll make sure we put it in the show notes so that if someone wants to hear about that, they can just go find that episode. On that note, let’s dive into social media. For the longest time, I didn’t use Instagram really at all and I would sometimes be like, I’m going to start posting on Instagram and then I would do it for maybe a week, and then I would just be like, eh, whatever, nah. And at the end of 2020, I just felt some real clarity, like it’s time for me to grow on another platform. And so I’ve been doing that this year and wow, I’ve learned a lot.


DR. LAURYN: The learning curve is high. It definitely is. We were kind of talking about the concept of overwhelm and avoiding overwhelm with social media – one of the best tips I have for avoiding overwhelm with social media is to not force it, first of all. Like you’re going to have these periods where you are feeling really inspired like you did, and then you jumped into the ring and then I’m sure you posted some stuff, and it got exhausting because it felt like you had to post, but you didn’t know what to post. That’s what I see a lot of my listeners when they write in, they’re talking about like, it just feels like an obligation. It doesn’t feel like there’s any like follow through or follow up from people. It feels like it’s possibly a waste of time. And so is that kind of what your experience was? When, how did you, what was kind of the first wall you hit of exhaustion with social media or Instagram specifically?

DR. DANIELLE: Not knowing what to post on Instagram. Yeah. And like the whole thing of having to have an image to go along with something to say, because I was used to just being able to post on Facebook and like, I’d have something to say and just write it out. And then I go over to Instagram and I’m like.

DR. LAURYN: Oh, what image goes with that?

DR. DANIELLE: I have to have a picture now to put with these thoughts in my head? And so, you know, then my default would be like, I guess I’ll just take a selfie.

DR. LAURYN: Which was “not okay” for a while, now, it’s totally okay again. So like talk about just like a platform that is changing so constantly. Now, like people who do social media for their profession will tell you that you don’t want a grid full of beautiful, perfect stagnant pictures. You want variety and diversity. And so like, so yeah, absolutely the picture with it is a big thing. And a lot of women don’t want to show their face. But one of the biggest things that I will tell people when I’m like, so let’s talk about not knowing what to post. Think about the questions you get in-clinic. They’re very, very simple things and we think that, well, I already answered how chiropractic helps colic when like in January – honey, go ahead and say it again. But like, let’s just go with a stagnant post, you’re lucky if 10% of your followers see it and read it. Even if some mom in your town read a post that you said about colic or ear infections or whatever your jam is of your clinic in January, and she decided that like, oh, read it not going to do anything and that you’re being repetitive or people are going to think like, gosh, don’t you have anything else to talk about by beating on the same drum over and over? You’re wrong. Find your drum, beat it over and over. If you posted it as a stagnant post, can you turn it into a reel? If you talked about it in five paragraphs, could you do a five minute IGTV on it? Repurpose the content.

DR. DANIELLE: You know, using this concept of repurposing and reposting, people have to hear the same thing over and over again from you to really get it.


DR. LAURYN: We just as chiropractors, we know so much and we just have to really simplify our message, break it in, reuse it. The other thing that I see people struggle with is they go, maybe they’re really organized and they’re like, okay, on Fridays I am going to work on my content calendar. And they put all of their idea and inspiration mode and time combined with actual execution and creation mode. I really don’t recommend it. It’s just a more tiring way to do it because there’s just different brain waves that happen when you are thinking about what you’re going to say and what the theme is going to be. Maybe you’re making a reel and like how you’re going to pair the audio. They’re just different things, and so I recommend people have a place on their phone that they keep random ideas. Some of them can be fully baked out. Some are just like teeny. I have an entire note on my phone that is just reels ideas. I will be driving and hear a part of a song that’s not even on there. And I’ll be like, oh, I could use that. So it may not even have it fully there. I could just have the seed of an idea, but I have the audio with it. So when you’re like, okay, I’m supposed to post a reel today. What should I post? It’s everybody.


DR. DANIELLE: I like it. I like it a lot. I know that people are going to be like, wait, what about this viral thing? This is not good? They’re going to want to hear more about that. So I want to make sure that we put the link for that episode in our show notes too, so that people can go back and I’m also like, wait, what, let me go listen to that. Because I didn’t know about this.

DR. LAURYN: You do not want to go viral. Once it’s gone, the internet has it, and you just are starting to get all of these absolutely worthless followers. You’re teaching them about chiropractic – woohoo – but they are not coming to pay you.

DR. DANIELLE: I remember one person in particular had her video of this go viral and it really did cause a lot of chaos and people were saying weird things and mean things.

DR. LAURYN: Yeah, once you get to a certain threshold of views I would say once a reel starts or post starts going over fifty thousand, especially if it gets to a hundred thousand, you just start getting nasty comments. People will just post the meanest stuff. And you’re just like, well I don’t want that comment like, “chiropractic is all voodoo, you’re an idiot if you trust these…” – like those are the things. It’s its own beast.

DR. DANIELLE: Yeah. Okay. Well just to kind of wrap it up on this with like a nice little bow, I think that’s one of the things that stops people from being consistent with social media, because they’re afraid that people are going to say mean things, and I just want to remind everyone that even though that has happened to you, Lauryn, you’re still here. The worst case scenarios are like our biggest fears are typically not really going to play out the way that we think that they’re going to.

DR. LAURYN: No, not at all, not at all. If you are a chiropractor, whether you have 300 followers or 3000 followers, if you have organically grown slow and steady, you can post something, you might lose some followers if they don’t like it. But in general, if you have local people, they don’t want to say something mean they’re just going to go like, okay, bye.

DR. DANIELLE: Awesome. Okay. If someone wants to connect with you and learn more about your practice or She Slays, where’s the best place for them to go?

DR. LAURYN: @SheSlaysPodcast is the podcast, you can find it wherever you listen to podcasts. Tons of episodes on lots of different topics. I definitely have a lot on social media because I’m kind of obsessed with figuring it out this week, let’s just say that. But also just tons of guests and topics on mental health and eating disorders and just lots of fun stuff. Day 1 Day 2, we talk about, we do talk about chiropractic over there sometimes too. And then if you’re interested in knowing more about my clinic @BlueHillsChiro how you think it’s spelled. Follow our clinic and see what kind of stuff we’re posting for content ideas and go ahead and steal it and use it. I don’t care.

DR. DANIELLE: Awesome. Okay. Well Lauryn, thank you so much for hanging out with me today.

DR. LAURYN: Yeah. Have a great day.

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